The new Xen Desktop will have an edition that includes three components – The Broker, XenServer, and Citrix Provisioning Server. Citrix Provisioning Server (formerly known as Ardence OS Streaming) often confuses people when they first hear about it. OS Streaming can be a difficult concept to grasp for many people at first. Once you do finally see the light, your jaw tends to drop as your eyes open wide. This video on YouTube is definitely a jaw dropper –

I heard this from a friend that this video was a huge hit at Microsoft Tech Ed in Orlando a few months ago. Justin Zarb blogged about it on .

Its a pretty great demo, having the ability to stream individual operating systems over a 100mb LAN. The Citrix Stand at Tech Ed has been very entertaining and had some good information about the product set.

This video has been around for a while, so many of you may have already seen it.   You may not have seen this next video. This video demonstrates the high availability option for Citrix Provisioning Server.

Citrix Provisioning Server is a key component of the upcoming Citrix XenDesktop release. There will be an edition of XenDesktop that includes both Provisioning Server and the XenServer hypervisor to provide a complete solution for desktop virtulization.

If you missed iForum 2007, there was a great demo of Provisioning Server at the keynote. You can watch the demo with Mark Templeton and Pete Downing here .

In this video, Pete Downing first takes two CPS 4.0 Servers and instantly upgrades them to CPS 4.5 (while removing the local hard drives). Next, Pete will drag and drop provision 9 CPS Servers, 11 IIS Servers, 5 SAP Servers and 5 Microsoft SQL Servers (all diskless) in a matter of minutes. For his finale, Pete then streams out the XenServer Enterprise hypervisor to all 30 servers and brings up all the OS images as virtual machines. Now that is OS Streaming Gone Wild!

BTW, if you missed the “Jellied Cat” video that Mark T. played during the keynote, here it is.

How long before we have jellied cat cars? <grin>

I am looking for more content specifically for Provisioning Server, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Some additional third party content on Provisioning Server from the comments (Special Thanks to Wilco)-

Performance of CPS server based on Citrix Provisioning Server (

Explanation how tow run a CPS with Ardence OS Streaming

Beside I also have a review of the product it self:

Also take a look at;where Ruben Spruijt published some nice demo video’s of the product.

One more link I have come across –

Update2: One more link. Here is a presentation on the old Ardenc site that covers how Provisioning Server works with Citrix Presentation Server.

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