Rick Vanover of SearchServerVirtualization.com wrote a post called “Why You Must Evaluate Citrix XenServer” -

after attending a summary of the recent Citrix iForum it became clear that XenServer will pose a significant challenge in all areas to the VMware offering asthe resources of Citrix are integrated to the XenServer platform as the products mature.    

Rick later writes –

it may be a good idea to determine the differences from the management side between VMware ESX and Citrix XenServer Enterprise edition. There are some differences, and as the next release of XenServer that has had the Citrix touch on the whole build, there should be some exciting new features that will surely give VMware a challenge for the best enterprise virtualization product. Regardless, we all win, as a better suite of products will be made available to the enterprise

You can download Citrix XenServer Express Edition for free here.

Here is a graphic that shows the capabilities between the different versions of XenServer –

With XenServer Express, you can start your evaluation quickly and easily.

If you want an overview of XenServer before you start your evaluation, check out this XenServer Mini-Product Training post

Doug Brown of DABCC.com put together a Citrix XenServer overview video as part of his new DABCC TV. Doug goes through rthe virtualization capabilities of the Xen Hypervisor and Citrix XenServer with Chas Setchell of 2Virtualize.com . I will be bloggin more about this video later.

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