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My name is Frederic Serriere, i have been working in the EMEA Technical Support for almost 7 years.  I wanted to answer some common queries about Citrix Presentation Server hotfixes.

As per Citrix policy (refer to http://www.citrix.com/English/SS/supportSecond.asp?slID=5107), maintenance will only occur on the most recent version. So, you may need to update to the latest available Citrix hotfix when engaging Citrix Technical Support

What does PSE450R01W2K3X64001 or PSE400R04W2K3011 mean ?

PS => Presentation Server

E/F/S/J/G => English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German

45/40 => 4.5 or 4.0

0 => service pack level (remember XP days…)

R01/02/03/04/05/06… => requires that Rollup Pack 01/02/03 is installed

W2K/W2K3/W2K3X64 => Win2000, Win2003, Win2003 64 bits,

followed by the hotfix number

How can you quickly check if a fix is available for other languages?

Once you have found the fix in a hotfix’ readme but you need a different language (or Operating System) version, get the number at the end of the paragraph (ie #159404) and run a search against this number. Why? because the hotfix versioning may not be consistent accross plateforms, languages and versions.

and a quite note to end this first post :

CTX106248 : Hotfix Inventory Management tool

CTX106237 : List Hotfixes For All Servers In A Citrix Farm