As you may have noticed, we recently launched a major overhaul to the Knowledge Center website.  This initiative was launched several months ago and was sponsored because of excellent feedback from you.   You highlighted some of the shortcomings in our existing site such as search, navigation and notification emails.  You also identified core functionality that is commonplace throughout the industry such as RSS feeds and social bookmarking.

The project started with a full usability study and information architecture review and included several infrastructure changes as well as investments in Google Search technology.  Under the hood, several changes were made to make our site even more friendly for external search engines such as Google.  After all, Google plays the part of our home page for more than 60% of visitors.  You can read more about the changes here.

Now for the real reason I’m posting… 

While most of the feedback from the new site was positive in the first few weeks, we did receive constructive criticism around the ability to find language specific hotfixes and product documentation.  It became obvious that we made a few poor decisions around usability in this area so we focused the team on correcting this in the first follow-up release.  As of last Friday, we added new language specific filters on the product pages to help track down hotfixes and product documentation for the various product specific languages.  Here are a couple screen shots of the new functionality. 

And once you choose a different language:

Please give it a shot and be sure to let us know how else we can improve.  We actively monitor the feedback mechanism that is located in the footer of each page.  This goes for this new Official Citrix Blog site as well.