Between the Thanksgiving holiday and the migration to the new blog site on, I have fallen a bit behind on posting iForum videos with alliance partners. Here is the next one – DataCore Software. I haven’t yet had any personal experience with DataCore Software, but I have heard very good things about it. It is ironic that I haven’t, since their headquarters is about a block from the Citrix HQ in Ft. Lauderdale.

Virtual Strategy Magazine does this interview with George Teixeira, the CEO and Co-Founder of DataCore. George says during the interview “One of the big things we’ve got is a low cost entry point $1000 SAN that allows them to basically take any pc and transform it into a storage server to support XenDesktop and XenServer as well the Citrix platform.” A $1000 SAN definitely piques my interest.

I found this video on their website that covers their overall solution.

I also found this podcast from David Marshall of Infoworld that covers DataCore (and DevonIT) from iForum.

According to this white paper from the Taneja Group “DataCore is the Perfect Compliment to Virtualized Server Infrastructure”. I am going to work on getting some more technical info directly from DataCore and post it to the blog.

I would like to hear from any users of DataCore Software to get their opinion and hands on experiences with the software.

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