Hello, I’m Mike Stringer and I am responsible for the Support teams in the Americas and India. We are responsible for Supporting all of Citrix’s products. I am relatively new to this role but not new to Citrix nor Citrix Support, having run our Escalation teams (which remains one of my responsibilities) for many years. I saw this avenue as a great opportunity to get closer to our Customers and Partners with the goal of gathering valuable feedback on our performance and providing insight into our direction and plans. I have asked my management team to leverage this site to ensure we are heading in the direction that YOU, our Customers and Partners need us to go in.  As the title of this post suggests, I believe Support is one of the key product features that determines Success and Customer Satisfaction with Citrix Solutions. You will be hearing from each of my direct management team members over the next week. Please feel free to start participating and I’ll make sure we are very responsive. Thank you –