If you’re a developer that’s looking for a simple web standards based interface to windows applications hosted on Citrix Presentation Servers you now have a new option beyond the existing MFCOM SDK. One of our partners Extentrix has released a product called Extentrix Web Services 2.0 – Application Edition which provides a suite of web services API’s that communicate directly to the Citrix XML Service.  The Web Service uses SOAP and XML to deliver information about CPS published apps, the developers app can then discover the web service’s API’s via WSDL and generate the appropriate proxy in order to deliver the app to the client.

Extentrix has an online TestDrive site that demonstrates a few examples of how this could be used; the sample page has an embedded link that when clicked first checks to see if the client has the required application locally installed, if so the content is redirected to natively launch locally. However, if the client does not have the app installed then the content is redirected to a CPS server and delivered ( launched ) via CPS/ICA.

Some additional use cases that we see for  this include :

Enterprise portal integrations - If no CPS portlet exists or a unique implementation is desired – Extentrix also provides sample integration with Microsoft Share Point 2007. 

Workflow - Enterprise work flows such as Oracle BPEL that can include launching the right app and the right document at the appropriate point in the workflow and maintain security of sensitive content.

Enterprise 2.0 Mashups -  Now you can include all your existing windows apps in an enterprise mashup without completely rebuilding the app and UI.

So if this sounds interesting check it out and let us know what you think.

Developers can find more resources at this link

Chris Fleck