I am sitting in the Auditorium of Bldg. #3 at the SUN Microsystems Campus in Santa Clara (by far the most impressive campus of any technology company that I have seen BTW) during a break for the Xen Summit.

There have been many very interesting presentations so far at the Xen Summit. All will be posted in the next few weeks for your review. Here are a few thoughts…

Ian Pratt, the original developer of Xen and one of the founders of XenSource, opened up with a roadmap. I missed most of this unfortunately due to a very late flight. Later, we heard from Mick Jordan from Sun Research about a completely Java based VM running on Xen called JavaGuest . Tom Woller of AMD and Jun Nakajima of Intel provided an update and road map for CPU assisted virtualization. Greg Law from SolarFlare gave a very intriguing presentation on using there 10GB Nic and their vNIC driver to greatly improve the Network and Disk I/O throughput in a Xen Environment (they show up to 3X improvement with lower CPU utilization) by directly accessing the hardware. Roman Maxer from Google talked about Ganeti, a new open source tool created by Google for high availability on open source Xen (and used on internal production systems).

I will have much more as the presentations are posted on our web site.

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