Welcome Citrix Developer Network (CDN) users! The CDN Web site has migrated to a new community-powered platform.Here are some of the notable sections of the Web site:

  • CDN Blogs - Subscribe to the latest Citrix Software Development Kit (SDK) news. Read blogs from Citrix SDK experts writing about best practices and the future of the SDKs.
  • [SDK Wiki] –Browse through SDK pages or download latest Citrix SDK’s here.
  • [Script Exchange] - Have a script you want to flaunt? Share your tools and scripts at Script Exchange or browse through dozens of sample scripts and tools.
  • [Podcasts ]- Tune in to get insight on Citrix products. Listen to Citrix Engineering and Product Management members talk about new features and capabilities.
  • CDN forums – Participate in SDK discussions at the CDN forums.

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