iForum 2007 has come and gone.  Besides the event being a test of my stamina (5 days in Vegas!) it was an amazing event.  This year was the first in a transition from iForum the “Citrix” event to the “App Delivery Expo” which will be an industry event.  I would say the best indication that we are well on track to this transformation was the variety of sponsor partners, specifically the number of “first timers.”  The other thing that stood out were the number of partners that little if anything to do with Presentation Server, something I have always been critical of.

In particular, the stand outs for me were B-Hive and GomezB-Hive is new to the Citrix alliance program and their “conductor” plugs into existing application infrastructure. With unique self-learning technology, it identifies user transactions and enables you to monitor, analyze and control operations.  The cool parts are the self-learning engine (think off what Citrix got with Teros and apply that to an application’s structure) and the control operations.  The control operations have been integrated with the NetScaler XML API to automates policy management.  Very cool and if customers are looking to drive down operations cost, this could be an answer.

Gomez is also in the segment of “monitoring”, but they bring a very unique twist to the game.  Gomez is a SaaS model and they offer a very extensive solution for synthetic monitoring.  Customers can use either backbone nodes located in tier-1 centers worldwide or (and this is the cool part) one can use the ExperienceFirst Network for a last mile test.  This is a network where anyone Worlwide can sign up to install the Universal Transaction Agent (UTA) on a machine and introduce it into the last mile network.  This allows a customer to, down to the desktop, provide synthetic monitoring on a Geographic basis.  So, if I was an app owner wanting to determine how my app looks in China on a low broadband connection, I could do that using Gomez.  Combine that with NetScaler and this is an excellent A/B test for NetScaler impact.  Want proof at how powerful this is?  Run an instant test now.

Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging more in depth on why these two partners add so much value to the NetScaler world.