In his 2 hour keynote speech before 4,000 attendees, Mark Templeton celebrated the 10th anniversary of our annual Citrix customer event: from Thinergy (1998) to iForum (1999-2006) to the newly named App Delivery Expo (2007+). This new name marks an important change in how Citrix views its market and the growing importance of application delivery. Will Citrix App Delivery Expo grow into an event the size of the RSA Security Conference, or even bigger? Only time will tell, but today, the market conversation was broadened.

3 Quests
Citrix is on 3 quests to build out its application delivery infrastructure, which is clearly a multi-year initiative that will provide greater IT flexibility and reduce complexity.

  1. Datacenters are dynamic - use a virtual infrastructure to separate apps from app workloads. The 3 components of an app workload are the datacenter of work stateless re-useable components, and a loose, run-time coupling of those components.
  2. Apps are a delivered service - apps are no longer and instead are Even for users who use applications offline, these applications can be centrally managed with client-side application virtualization. The idea of a new app receiver will enable apps delivered as a service.
  3. Desktops are a service - physical and virtual desktops are delivered as a service. App workloads will be stored in a catalog and then delivered.

9 Partners on Stage
I have never seen such strong partner participation at our annual customer event. Participating either on-stage or via video, VPs/Directors from Microsoft, IBM, HP, BEA, Oracle, Dell, Intel, AMD, and Business Objects provided their support for building out application delivery infrastructure. Typically, it has been Citrix executives delivering the keynotes with possibly 1-2 partners.

New Types of Virtualization
In addition to server virtualization, Mark offered these new types of virtualization:

  • Client-side Application Virtualization - In Presentation Server 4.5, application streaming and isolation was introduced. This functionality is now re-positioned as client-side application virtualization.
  • Server-side Application Virtualization - Applications are virtualized on Presentation Server and then delivered to other Presentation Servers or desktop devices. I expect to see more on this during tomorrow keynote sessions.

New Concepts

  • App Workload - The app workload consists of the app + engine + OS. The goal is to make every workload a single server, whether those servers are virtual or physical.
  • App Receiver - The app receiver runs on any device and has plug-in functionality for acceleration, virtualization, monitoring, collaboration, communication, user support and will be open for 3rd party plug-ins.

Other News
Citrix announced, via the conference bag insert, the Presentation Server Delaware Beta. Through Monday, Oct. 22, Citrix has issued 11 announcements.

Also see Brian Madden coverage on iForum App Delivery Expo 2007.