If you’ve browsed to www.xensource.com today and found it cheerily rewriting your browser bar to www.citrixxenserver.com, you know this already, but for the rest of you: the acquisition has closed, and we are now the XenServer Product Group (headed by our own Gord Mangione) within the Virtualization and Management Division (headed by our own Peter Levine) of Citrix (headed by Mark Templeton and the rest of the folks who were already doing so).

What does all this mean?

For those of us working here, it means we have new business cards and email signatures. And that’s it, for the most part. Some organizations, like sales and marketing, are a bit different, but in general, we’re continuing to do the things we’re doing… but with significant investment and expansion coming.

For our customers, it means we’ll have greater resources for testing and integration, and enhanced support programs coming shortly. And we will continue to advance and enhance both open source Xen and our commercial products. Oh, yeah, you’ll have to learn their new names:

  • XenExpress is now Citrix XenServer Express Edition
  • XenServer is now Citrix XenServer Standard Edition
  • XenEnterprise is now Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition
  • XenExpress OEM Edition is now Citrix XenServer OEM Edition

There, that’s not too big a deal, is it?

And as for open source Xen… we promised that our investment in Xen would continue, with increased participation of other community sponsoring companies in the guidance of the project. I’m not ready to detail what’s happening — Simon will do so shortly in his blog as well as many other places — but for now, note the new site taking shape at xen.org.

And as for me… I’m off to Vegas.

Not for a getaway, but to start the next chapter. Come see us at iForum 07 – The App Delivery Expo.