SmartAuditor, or ICA session recording, is one of the top 2 new features in Presentation Server 4.5 Feature Pack 1. Michel Roth of has posted a 15 minute overview on the configuration and use of Citrix SmartAuditor–the first that I have seen. When installing SmartAuditor, it is very important to follow the exact steps outlined in CTX113599 and have your Citrix license server configured to use Presentation Server Platinum licenses. Why? Before SmartAuditor will run, it checks to see if Platinum licenses are available, otherwise, it will not run.

At 3:35 Michel has a good tip for configuring IIS on the SmartAuditor server.

For those of you going to iForum App Delivery Expo 2007, beginning on October 22, be sure to check out Session 203 – Citrix Presentation Server SmartAuditor – Record User Sessions for Security and Compliance. It looks like a good session with a customer presentation by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.

Do you want to know what the 2nd top new feature is in Feature Pack 1? Watch the Citrix News section for the latest coming out of the iForum App Delivery Expo.