Some people have been quite excited about the Citrix Presentation Server Solaris x86 8.50 Client release. ThinGuy statement on Sun Think Thin blog says it all: Freaking On So I decided to catch up with Chris Wright, the development team lead for this release. spelling remains for authenticity .

Question: Tell me about yourself and your experience at Citrix.
Answer: I am a Software Development manager at Citrix, based in our development center just outside London, UK. I have been working for Citrix for two and a half years, initially managing products in the Management Services Group, which produces components like Resource Manager, Network Manager, End-User Experience Monitoring, the Access Management Console framework etc. For the past six months, I have worked in the non Win32-clients group, managing the development side of the UNIX and Mac clients.

Question: Why is this release important to customers? What are the biggest benefits to customers?
Answer: This release brings the feature set for this client up to the same as that for Solaris SPARC, so we have a greatly enlarged feature set over the previous release. The main features in demand have been increased colour depth and resolution, encryption, and smart card support. This version also supports Solaris Trusted Extensions for the first time.

Question: In what industries do you expect to see the most use of this new client?
Answer: The main demand for this release was for government contracts, which is where the need for Solaris Trusted Extensions and smart card support arose. We have also seen demand from car manufacturers and telcos among others.

Question: What tips or tricks do you have for using this new client beyond what is in the Admin Guide?
Answer: None. (The Citrix Publications team must be doing a great job!)

Question: What are Citrix and Sun doing to further develop their relationship?
Answer: We are grateful for Sun engineers technical support while closing down this release. We have also released an updated Solaris x86 version of our Presentation Server product this year, so we are fully committed to the Solaris operating system.

would you like to see in the next Solaris x86 ICA client release?