You might have already seen the announcement of Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Feature Pack 1 and its big features (SmartAuditor, EasyCall, Simplified licensing etc). This article is to talk about improvements that have not been highlighted in our marketing message but do have high value for some customers and partners.

1. SecureICA (128-bit encryption) for x64 platform
Our previous PS 64-bit release did not support this and we have now added support for this feature.

2. Client certificate support
The ICA Client now supports client side certificates. For e.g. if you configure Access Gateway to require SSL certificates then the client can present one during the SSL handshake. Jay has the details in his blog

3. Multi monitor enhancements

Several enhancements and fixes have been made e.g. dialog boxes and GINA windows don appear between the monitors, a primary monitor can be selected for application launch, a hot key is available to minimize a published desktop (useful when in full screen mode), supports shaped monitors by auto detecting the monitor configuration, a desktop session can be resized so it can occupy the entire real estate etc.

4. Presentation Server SDK now includes SmartAccess extensions

Presentation Server SDK has been updated to allow enumeration of SmartAccess filter information for active sessions on Presentation Server. These filters are provided by Access Gateway as a result of policy evaluations which may include endpoint analysis results. This is great way for partners to extend our SmartAccess functionality.

5. Icon support for WI PN Agent

WI and PN Agent now support true application icons (including 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48 size icons) and hence icons will now look original (as opposed to being stretched or shrunk). We do cache these icons on the client and hence you will not see any increase in network traffic (except for a very small increase the first time a user launches the new client from a new device)

6. Large application profiling support for application streaming

Microsoft CAB file has the limitation that each CAB cannot be more than 2 GB in size, and cannot have more than 64,000 number of files in it. This puts limits on large application profiling. We have now worked around this limitation so that extremely large applications can be profiled through application streaming profiler.

7. Web Interface client detection wizard for enhanced end user usability

WI now does a much better job in bootstrapping a user when they are coming from a new device to access applications. This feature can be very useful when users are coming from locked down machines/browsers with high security settings as it can properly guide a user to getting to their application fast.

8. Support for DirectX/WPF applications

PS 4.5 Feature Pack 1 now supports WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) applications. Though there are currently not many WPF applications, many application vendors are embracing this platform for their next generation application development. This is our first step in supporting WPF applications (using server side software rendering) and please check out Derek’s blog on what we are doing for the future

9. Windows Mobile 5 and ActiveSync support

This release now adds support for Windows Mobile 5 based smart phones and PDAs to sync data (application data, files, e-mail etc) with ActiveSync 4.x as a published application.

10. Updated PS Unix

Citrix Presentation Server for UNIX 4.0 now supports Solaris x86/x64 platform. This is in addition to our current support for Solaris SPARC, IBM AIX and HP-UX platforms. This new Solaris x86/x64 release contains several enhancements since the initial release of PS for UNIX 4.0 and is available to all customers current on Subscription Advantage. You can log into mycitrix and get the bits from the download section.

Both IBM and HP ship and fully support Solaris on their x86/x64 server lines so customer options are not restricted to Sun Microsystems own x86/x64 servers when delivering solutions with Citrix Presentation Server for UNIX 4.0. Sun Microsystems also provides Solaris only support options for delivering solutions on x86/x64 servers from other manufacturers.

The PS UNIX platform support page has the details.

Additionally, Presentation Server 4.5 Feature Pack 1 contains an updated PS 4.0 UNIX release (all platforms) with the latest updates and ability to consume Platinum licenses.