Full Bi-directional Application and User Intelligence

The extensible AppExpert Engine loosely couples client and server application flows, provides visibility into and inspection of application traffic, and enables a shared policy management framework to control all functional modules. It is composed of two key components:
Application Switching Engine
The application switching engine decouples client requests and server responses, and provides direct and complete visibility into Web application transactions. The application switching engine is a native, integral component of the AppExpert platform, and delivers critical optimizations such as TCP connection multiplexing and TCP traffic buffering.


It also enables integrated NetScaler functional modules to act intelligently upon administrator-defined application content (e.g., client redirects, HTTP content caching, data encrypt/decrypt, data compression) or modify application content (e.g., insert, rewrite, transform) – all transparently to the application.

AppExpert Policy Framework
The AppExpert policy framework is a common, leveraged mechanism enabling all NetScaler functional modules (e.g., AppCache, AppCompress) to interact with the application traffic. This AppExpert Policy Framework enables:

  • Administrators to use a single environment — the AppExpert Visual Policy Builder) to define and manage application policies, regardless of what NetScaler functionality is being invoked
  • Commonality of application policy expressions across different NetScaler functional modules
  • Encapsulation and abstraction of much of the infrastructure associated with writing policies (e.g., the object model, API calls and command syntax)
  • Different NetScaler functional modules to interoperate on the same application flow without conflict (e.g., ability to compress encrypted content, ability to cache compressed content)