Just back from VMworld, at which we were a Silver Sponsor.

Props to Christiane Holtzman and her crew at VMware for putting on a fine festival. As John Bara has said, we love VMware… and we got to show our love when VMware engineer Laurence Ramontianu won our grand booth prize, a Sony PlayStation.

We had huge attendance and huge interest -  we brought 1,000 t-shirts to give away, and ran out on the first day by 2pm and hard to bring more.  About two thousand people took away trial copies of XenEnterprise v4. And for our hourly demonstrations, we had as many as 80 to 90 people filling the aisles at each session.

Our partners, too, had a great showing, with their best-of-class offerings that enhance XenEnterprise v4 via XenAPI integration.  While this is by no means an exhaustive list — If I’ve omitted your product, let me know! — it was especially exciting to see the leading solutions from:

  • VMLogix, with their LabManager solution integrated with XenEnterprise offering far more power and flexibility than the former Akimbi product;
  • Platform Computing, with their VM Orchestrator solution that will make it possible for users to get affordable policy-based resource management for XenEnterprise from the long-time experts in scheduling and resource management;
  • and perhaps most exciting, Marathon Technologies, who managed to pull off the exciting coup of winning a Best of VMworld award for a product (everRun for XenEnterprise) that had the X-word in its name!

All in all, a terrific event.  If you were there and missed us, stop by and see us next year in Las Vegas, or at VMworld Europe in February.  (Look for us under “C” by then, of course.)

And, oh, yes, speaking of Vegas… next stop, Citrix iForum!