OK, I thought I’d have a little fun in the title with Jeff Gould’s recent post about Xen that ruffled some feathers last week — especially since he’s followed up with a deeper understanding of what XenSource brings to the party with XenEnterprise.

What I’m really getting at, though, in my off-handed way, is this: we are about to make the next step forward in the evolution of our commercial products available for beta testing. (I expect we’ll be making the beta download available as early as this upcoming Monday, 9 July.)

The highlights of this release are:

  • Greatly increased scalability and 64-bit guest support for real-world applications
  • Pooled server and storage resources with XenMotion™ live relocation, enabling dynamic resource management
  • Open management integration via the new XenAPI for investment protection for software, skills and processes
  • The new XenCenter virtualization management console, delivering more powerful and unified configuration and administration

(Some of these features — much higher capacity limits, resource pools, sharing, XenMotion — are specific to XenEnterprise, while others will apply to all three product packagings. We’ll furnish more information on each packaging as release time draws nearer.)

You’ll find details of the features, requirements, and supported configurations on the registration form. (If you register before the bits are ready, we’ll send you mail as soon as the software’s up on the site.)

NOTE: I’ve corrected this link so it points to the real site.

(If you already registered for the release 3.2 beta, you probably don’t need to sign up again — you might want to wait till Monday afternoon PST and check back.)

As always, we look forward to your input. You’ll find we’ve created new forums specifically for the 4.0 beta too.