Before I got going with my Parallels 3.0 upgrade, I was lucky to receive the following from Jim B. of XenSource IT. Nutshell: wait for a patch release before getting into Parallels 3.x. Not fully cooked yet. Have you had an easier time of it? This makes me appreciate the tremendous work that the Xen community and our XenSource team put in to make our XenEnterprise product really robust. Apps crashing is much easier to deal with than corrupt virtual hard disks or boot images – and getting this stuff right is clearly hard too.

- Jim B says:

I can’t say I’m thrilled. Upgraded to 3.0, converted my two VMs, took snapshots of both VMs. Resized the Debian window, kernel panic by Mac.

Rebooted. Brought up Parallels and it no longer saw my Debian VM and my Windows VM hard disk was unusable: “in use by another program or corrupt.” And it didn’t notice I had snapshots. I’m not sure how valuable snapshots are ;(

Then it crashed again ;( This time the mac could no longer boot normally. It could boot into single user or safe mode, but not normal.

Looking at the crash logs, I see problems with both Cisco VPNClient and Parallels, I wonder if there isn’t a conflict with the upgrade.
I also think there may be a conflict between a suspended VM and FileVault.

I thought about uninstalling the Vpnclient and Parallels, but instead went for a system only reinstall. The Mac is working again, but I’m going to wait until I get back to the office and backup files before I attempt to reinstall either the vpnclient or Parallels. I just relaxed and watched “Master and Commander” while the rebuild went on.

And why do you lose your Dock settings and trusted wireless if there is a crash? Don’t they store it in the users files, which still exist?