I don know about you. But most of time when I click to all button in outlook I intended to reply to everyone BUT myself. Outlook however follows the instruction exactly as the text says, reply to everyone INCLUDING myself.

want to have it changed. But I don know what I can do to change it. Don you have the feeling that no one is listening to your ideas. It not just Microsoft. Citrix can use web technology to better listen to customers I think. Citrix is trying with customer counsels and support web site etc. But I think there is room for improvement.

back to the topic. I noticed today that with gmail, reply to all actually does what I like it to do. Although it is a little thing, such a feature does make me happy ( for a moment at least ). I submitted my improvement ideas to google before and didn get any feedback. So I gave up. I wonder how google figures out what users prefer.

any case, the point is that small usability improvement does matter, for an end user like me at least.