One of the key signs that a product or technology has moved beyond the “who?” phase into the “I’ll take two” phase is the appearance of independent writing about it. When I was at Veritas, for instance, we started our own imprint to bring out books on relevant areas, but the appearance of third-party NetBackup, SAN and Cluster Server books were the real proof points.

So I’d view the publication of David E. Williams and Juan Garcia’s Virtualization with Xen: Including XenEnterprise, XenServer, and XenExpressas a great step forward even if the book were not as comprehensive and skillfully executed. It includes an overview of virtualization; a deep dive into Xen’s architecture; a rich examination of open source Xen, the commercial products, and third party tools; and lots more. It even includes copies of the XenExpress 3.2 main and Linux support CDs!

(The publishers have graciously provided us with a sampleof the book, including the foreword, table of contents, and the chapter that introduces Xen and its architecture, for your reading pleasure.)

There are other books about Xen in the works, too.

We’re very pleased with the vote of confidence, and especially with the book itself.