Hi, I am Peter Schulz and I am a Senior Manager in the Technical Marketing team. I hope to start a dialog with the community around leveraging the SDKs that we provide to extend applications in interesting ways. I wrote some samples that Kurt and I demonstrated at both iForum and Summit and I want to share the first of those here. With the release of Presentation Server 4.5 we now have a powerful new feature available – Application Streaming to the desktop. The MFCOM SDK will be updated to support application streaming. If you haven already watched the webinar on the new features coming in the CPS 4.5 MFCOM SDK I highly recommend it:

Even though the SDK is not out yet, can write code against the newly exposed objects. sample with SMS and automates the pre-deployment of the application cache for streamed applications and has been posted to the Developer Center at http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX113229

If this is useful or you have any questions about it leave me a comment here or on the support site.