My name is Ray Yang. I work in business development group at Citrix. My job is to help partners integrate their technologies. I also research new technologies and create prototypes.

I am new to blogging. Please bear with me for my casual writing style. and suggestions are appreciated.

Recently, I been researching web services and how Citrix should embrace this technology. I been hearing from some partners that they would prefer web services based APIs to make integration with their products easier. The Netscaler products already has a web service based SDK. http://citrixcommunity.com/blogs/cdn/archive/2006/12/12/Dr-SDK-Webinar-Series_3A00_-January-Webinar-Planned-for-NetScaler.aspx will add the link to the SDK later if I find it) But in general Citrix can do more in this area. For example, we can have a web services to enumerate all the published applications.

If you are a customer/partner and would like to see more web services from Citrix, could you let us know the use case?

Also there different styles of web services and there are subtle differences for example document style vs. RPC style. I found a good article that explains this topic. http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/webservices/library/ws-whichwsdl/#listing15 I am interested in knowing what standards users prefer.