The Citrix Technical Publications team is considering a change to the way we publish readmes, and I like to get your input on this subject.

Readmes are HTML documents that ship on product CDs/DVDs. We also published updated readmes on the web. These documents inform you of late-breaking information, critical pre-installation advice, and other started information that, generally speaking, you need at only one time before you install the product. At least, that how Citrix view the purpose of our readmes. Is that how you use them?

The change we considering is to dispense with the readmes on the product media (CD or DVD), and instead publish them only on our website. The benefits are that you only ever see one readme (the up-to-date document on the web) not two (the web-based one *and* the out-of-date document on the media, which you or your team still might feel the need to open, check, process, etc. which could be a time-consuming). />

So how do you feel about the possibility that we drop readmes from the CD/DVD? Below are a few other more detailed questions that you might also want to consider.


  • In your Citrix deployment lifecycle, at what stage do you refer to a product readme? Before installation, during installation and configuration, during troubleshooting, never? Do you consult the readme at more than one of these stages? Perhaps you refer back to this document before installation and then again while troubleshooting.
  • Would you refer to a readme if it were on the Citrix website?
  • Furthermore, would you be happy if a readme were located only on our website (for example, where the product installer provided a link to the readme on the web)? Or would that present any problems to your organization or workflow?

Readme content

  • What information are you expecting to see in our readmes? Essential late-breaking info, bugs, installation instructions, configuration instructions? Anything else?
  • Do you find the answers you need in our readmes?
  • Do you find readmes easy to read and navigate through?

Post a reply with your thoughts, and have your say.

Thanks! McAleer
Senior Technical Writer
Technical Publications team