As promised (see my earlier posting on this), here the first of two sets of questions for you about Citrix documentation. Remember, there will be a small prize for a few randomly selected people who take part in this All you have to do is post a reply here with your responses and insights, and I will enter you into the draw!

Don feel like you have to answer every question here. Of course, we be happy if you did, but any feedback in this area will be extremely helpful to the Technical Publications team.

When you and others in your organization consult Citrix documentation, how do you access it?

We interested in finding out how you and others in your organization install, download, and distribute administrator-related publications from Citrix. These might be administrator guides, getting started guides, configuration guides, readmes, or any other publications aimed at Citrix administrators.

Some of you may access documents on the CD (in the /docs folder). If so, are you happy doing this? Perhaps having publications ship on the CD is a requirement for your organization.

Some of you may access those same CD-based documents but you install them using the documentation option (aka the Docs.msi) on one or more computers. If that your organization preference, how does that work? How many computers do you install them on and is a single person responsible for that task? Are they also responsible for downloading and distributing updated docs when they become available?

Other folk may rely on downloaded documentation from our website. If so, is the Citrix website your first port of call, or do you go elsewhere in the first instance? How often do you visit our web site to get the latest docs? Do you find it easy to locate the appropriate document? Is lack of web access an issue (because, say, you in a locked-down environment)?

Maybe your organization is considering a change to the way Citrix or other documentation is obtained and distributed. Tell us about that.

Please tell us about your experiences, expectations, and desires in this area. We like to hear from you.