I Andy McAleer, a Senior Technical Writer in the Citrix Technical Publications team, and one of my responsibilities is customer feedback. I created this blog so that the Pubs team has direct contact with you, our customers. I would really like to hear any opinions and ideas you have about the documents that the team creates.

I want to tell you my immediate plans for this blog, but first a short introduction to the Pubs team and the deliverables we create. We are a team of writers working in Citrix offices around the world. We have various backgrounds – computer science, teaching, science, psychology, English, journalism, technical writing. You name it; we probably done it. We work closely with Citrix project teams to create technical documents including administrator guides, help systems, etc.

Now, back to the plan for this blog I shortly be posting some questions about Citrix documentation. If you care about Citrix docs, and spare a small amount of time, I really appreciate it if you could answer them (by creating on this blog). Not only this mini-survey be good way of establishing contact between the Pubs team and world but more specifically your answers will help us shape Citrix documentation strategy.


So watch this space (or better still set up an RSS feed) and stay tuned for my questions, which I post here in the next couple of days. Please answer them as honestly as you like.

In the meantime, feel free to blog away and let me know about any thoughts you have on Citrix documentation.

Needless to say, the Pubs team really value your input.