In case you dont know already, Presentation Server 4.5 is now available on Try it out!

Most of you will start purusing a long list of features in Presentation Server 4.5 and the new Platinum Edition for the product and will be trying to digest all that new stuff in the product. And, in the midst of all that, what most will likely ignore is a subtle yet most fundamental change in the product.

With Presentation Server 4.5, we have redefined the product to some extent – and you will see more of that reflected in the product overtime. Presentation Server 4.5 is no longer a multi-user remote access product as it started with old WinFrame or MetaFrame – instead it is an application delivery system for windows applications. What the difference? The difference is that Presentation Server is a superior alternative to application deployment using traditional methods. It allows you to deliver applications rather than deploy them. Application delivery can be via virtualization protocols such as ICA or streaming technologies (previously called Tarpon). Presentation Server 4.5 allows customers to stream or virtualize their delivery for windows apps. You will see Citrix add more and more integration different streaming and virtualization of application delivery the future, including based application delivery where the system can pick how to deliver application based on the usage scenarios.

Presentation Server 4.5 also introduces a new edition – Platinum Edition. While it may appear like a bundle of several free standing products to begin with; however, our vision is to further integrate those technologies into one system for windows application delivery. For example, you can envision things like configuration of single sign on to occur when you publish a virtual or streamed application, and making the experience more seamless for end users. Another example would be for EdgeSight to be able to monitor ICA responsiveness even better. Presentation Server 4.5 Platinum is very different from Citrix Access Suite where we bundled different products into a single package making it more cost effective. With Presentation Server 4.5 Platinum we are committed to delivering a solution for the line of sight between applications and users and we will build the required technologies as part of Platinum Edition that will complete that line of sight. In future releases of Platinum Edition, Citrix plans to add new technologies such as application monitoring – Project Gemini/IRIS (ICA Recording), to further enable you to build a complete windows application delivery system.

Presentation Server 4.5 has a lot of new stuff and can be used many different ways. But in the midst of all that, Citrix has changed the way we think about the product entirely and you will see more and more of that thinking reflected in the future releases. Enjoy PS 4.5 I am always looking for your feedback; post it!