Hi folks. It me again. Not only do I watch over Project Callisto and Web Interface I also responsible for the Common Management Interface (CMI) and its customer facing application the Access Management Console (AMC). have another feature question for everyone. Below you see two versions of the AMC. The one on the left is the product as it is today and the one on the right is, potentially, a new AMC. The key difference is that we have moved all of the common tasks out of the root and in to each node as appropriate. There is tremendous upside for us in our flexibility and timeliness on upgrades to the AMC and the specific product nodes. The downside is you would no longer be able to use common tools across multiple products. I.e. Search.

Obviously, removing functionality is always a concern for us so I like to hear how you feel about us making this change.

All comments are welcome even if they are ambivalent.