Since I posted my article Constellation targeted to improve end user experience through ICA enhancements in Project Ohio, I have received several questions regarding what value Presentation Server provides under different network scenarios.

There are several SpeedScreen technologies that ICA already includes including SpeedScreen Latency Reduction, SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration, SpeedScreen Image Acceleration, SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration. All these technologies are either targeted to improve the performance of a type of application or type of network or both. For example – SpeedScreen Latency Reduction provides local echo of text so that an end user gets high responsiveness from the system in case of a high latency network.

There are several reports that have done comparison of Presentation Server under different network and application scenarios. The following document summarizes the results well in case you are looking for data like this:

I would love to get your comments regarding what you have seen with Presentation Server as compared to other remoting technologies in your environment. Post as a comment or send me an email (