Hello and welcome to our Identity and Access Management blog, and in particular, a very hearty welcome to what we call Callisto our quest here at Citrix to deliver the very best in Application Delivery Infrastructure solutions we obviously need to take a keen interest in authentication and single sign-on, after all these form the end user front door onto their access experience and are parts of the administrator protection from the outside world!

Project Callisto is a long-term strategic project within Citrix to consider the world of authentication and single sign-on, and to determine standards and technologies that Citrix can leverage in order to improve the security, consistency and interoperability between all of our products and with key 3rd-party vendor systems. Indeed achieving specific improvements in these areas is the mission of Project Callisto, a mission that we on the Callisto Team are strongly committed to.

Having said that, this is an ideal moment to introduce you to the Callisto Team comprised of members from various departments within Citrix who come together to pool their respective experience and creativity. Mike McFarland and Al Grandville (me) represent Product Management and are responsible for owning the high level vision and establishing product requirements, coordinating these between teams in Citrix, and for defining any overall deliverables and milestones for the project. Chris Mayers represents the Architects group both as a project architect who is responsible for creating the concrete representation of the high level vision, and also as a security architect responsible for ensuring that stringent security guidelines are adhered to and security is built in during the development stage. Finally Nick Wise represents Engineering and is responsible for the actual technical details of delivering on Chris architectural blueprint. Of course as with any good team there is an even more important cadre of people behind the scenes supporting, assisting and advising us along the way.

Over time the Callisto Team intends to tell you all about our thinking around authentication and single sign-on, and we would also like to invite you to share with us your thinking in these areas. We hope to establish a dialogue that will allow all of us to be better informed and better prepared for the future, and to allow us to take mutual advantage of exciting new technologies such as Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and other Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based services, and to make better use of the existing ones such as Kerberos. In addition some of our colleagues will be posting their views on how these technologies are affecting their specific products, for instance Andrew Innes (the Web Interface Guy) wrote a post introducing ADFS, and Jay Tomlin wrote a post on federation in the world of Web Interface.

In the near future we intend to bring you a lot more detail on our current thinking, and to talk more about our intention to address this vast space in more manageable phases. We are currently only in 1 but don let that fool you. think we have a lot to say but more importantly with your help we know there a lot we can learn.

So please, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences relating to authentication and single sign-on with us. Feel free to ask questions and to talk about your experiences with our products to date, your current and future plans for authentication and single sign-on, specific pain points that you may be experiencing today, and especially your dreams and desires for connected business in the coming years.


The Callisto Team