Orestes forgot to talk about the Constellation session that I conducted at iForum. He lied when he said that the only session we had where we talked about Presentation Server was on Project Ohio. In addition, I had a session on Constellation technologies and where we are headed around Presentaion Server going forward (and the session was equally full []

I took an easier way out with my presentation. Instead of preparing and presenting all the content myself, I brought up folks that actually architect the product and write code on the stage to talk about stuff that they are doing for Constellation. I thought we had a lot of fun on the stage and my job was simple – (attempt to) make some jokes and make the way for the next presenter.

As part of Constellation, I talked about three areas that Citrix is committed to innovating in:

1. End user experience

2. Reduced Complexity

3. Application Compatibility

There are Constellation technologies being built to address those three areas. Project Ohio is in fact the first release when you will start seeing some of these technologies taking life. If you havent done so already, I highly encourage you to take a look at the Tech Preview for Ohio available on mycitrix.com. You will find how there is a significant boost in end user responsiveness with Project Ohio. talk about end user experience, I had Brad Pedersen, Chief Architect and Senior Fellow at Citrix, employee #1 at Citrix and one of the founders of ICA protocol with me on the stage. Brad talked about a lot of cool stuff that we are doing within ICA protocol as well as in our client UI to give users further Local/Remote transparency and better performance/responsiveness than when an application is running locally. Brad has recently prepared a video on Citrix history that you can view at http://www.citrixvirtualization.com

I plan to talk about all these three areas of Constellation in subsequent blogs. If you attended iForum, you can download my (or I should say slides at http://www.citrixiforum.com

This is the first time (after a very very long time) that we presented future technologies and directions at iForum and with some concrete framework. I would love to know from those who were at the event, how the session was and whether you like to see that presented in a webinar open to all.