I’ve been meaning to put up a quick post on this a days – I haven’t seen much discussion in the community, but the Terminal Services team recently announced they’re providing a Terminal Server Licensing WMI provider on Longhorn Server. I’ve had a look through the MSDN docs, and this looks to be quite thorough. This has to be a good thing if you have large Terminal Services deployments. my opinion this is also a deal for vendors, like Citrix, that OEM TSCALs. We’ve not got any detailed plans as yet, but we have the possibility of activating the Terminal Services License Server, and installing TSCAL license packs from within Start removing another area of complexity for Access Essentials customers.
TS team – my only gripe is around documentation:

  • Add more detail to the MSDN documentation on the failure cases. What happens if the online server is down, or inaccessible for the XXXAutomatic methods?
  • What are the validation rules for the various input fields – for example, the license key pack license codes or Country, eMail or other fields on the Win32_TSLicenseServer object.

All said this is a great move – kudos to the Terminal Services team!