Welcome to the technical marketing blog, I am Moody, a Senior Technical Marketing Manager at Citrix Systems. I have been a Citrite since 1992, and have performed in several technical positions at various levels in; Technical Support, Product Marketing, Product Management and now the VSG CTO Marketing Team.

What this blog is about:

This Technical Marketing blog was created in order to facilitate even more direct communication with people who are looking for more information regarding; the markets in which Citrix participates, the products we deliver within those markets, and why we engage and deliver the way we do, all in my relatively raw opinion. Here you will find posts that are blatant advertisements for new official documents and other technical marketing deliverables delivered by our team, and pointers to other technical information about our products that may be a little difficult to find otherwise, but perhaps more interesting will be the conversations I hope to engage in with other citrites (anyone who cares about and promotes Citrix).

A note about posts:

You will notice that anonymous posting is disabled on this blog, this is intentional. Personally I find that anonymous posts fall primarily into 5 categories, 3 of which I find completely annoying.

1. People who don really want to talk, but rather engage in communications where by they fly in, crap all over everything, and then leave.

2. People who don care enough about the topic to register

3. People with a agenda to promote other products or sites

4. People who are in transit (airport, bus depot, zeppelin hanger etc and don have time to register but want to comment. This group is not as annoying as the rest; I hope that anyone wanting to comment in this blog will come back when they find the time to register.

5. People who actually have no name. This final group is relatively small, made up of those in some form of witness protection program, or the most unfortunate that were abandoned or lost as babies and have been raised by wolves or other wild animals, excluding slugs, which I am not sure actually qualify as untamed perhaps, but wild?

So please take the time to sign-up and engage in the blogs on citrixcommunity.com and let discover how we can all work together to make our time spent more fun, lucrative and worth-while.