Welcome to Citrix Presentation Server product team blog. My name is Sumit Dhawan and I lead the Product Management team for Citrix Presentation Server. The Product Management team at Citrix is responsible for Product Roadmap, Product Strategy and Product Lifecycle

I have been with Citrix for almost 9 years now and have played different roles, including developing some of the core components of IMA in MetaFrame XP 1.0 – some of you who have been playing with Citrix technologies for long time would know all about. Its been long enough for me to do any more useful programming for Citrix. These days I handle product roadmap and product strategy for Presentation Server product line. This blog is where the Presentation Server Product Management team gets to express ourselves for what we do; expect to see us write about our customer visit stories, future product strategies and opinions about future technology directions. In addition, we plan to have guest bloggers including Product Architects, Market Researchers, Product Developers, Product Support specialists and Product Marketers to discuss topics related to Presentation Server.

Most of the team members are new to having their own blogs, but I do expect that all of us will have fun doing this. Through these blogs, we plan to share our experiences, opinions and priorities, and look forward to having interesting virtual discussions. As Product Managers, we love getting both positive and critical feedback on the product. We always want to know whatever is on your mind; so do not hesitate to speak up!