I thought hard about what the best way will be of starting the Citrix Presentation ServerProduct Management blog. I could have started with a note about our product strategy, technology directions or some technical architecture stuff But,I decided that I will have plenty of opportunities to cover that stuff. Instead, I will start with writing what I like doing the best in my job, i.e. speaking with customers about their Citrix implementations and getting their feedback on what working and what not.

I am writing this on a plane going to Auckland, New Zealand. I am starting a 3 week customer trip in Asia Pacific starting October 2nd. On this multi-city trip, I plan to speak with several customers around the world at all levels – executives, Citrix administrators, technology architects, etc. In this blog, I will share my entire trip with you with a summary of my customer discussions. You can learn how other Citrix customers like yourself are using our products and what challenges they are running into.

/>I will also try to share interesting local stories in different cities as I visit them. So RSS this one and come back and visit us as I update this story line from one city to another.

Arrived in Auckaland and posted this article.