Hi folks,

Every blogger has to start somewhere, so here goes…

I am the product architect for Citrix Web Interface, the main web user interface for Citrix Presentation Server. I guess that means if you don’t like something about the way WI works, I’m one of the people you can now shout at – there is even a chance I could do something about it.  (Conversely, if you already like the way WI works, I am perfectly happy to accept accolades, awards, cool shades, that sort of thing – on behalf of the WI team of course.)

For many end users of Presentation Server, I’m told WI is the “face of Citrix”, and increasingly responsible for providing that crucial first impression which can either make users love us or hate us – or more to the point, love or hate you as the person who put in this wonderful / *%$&£! ‘Citrix’ stuff!  (No pressure on anybody there then, that’s nice.)

Given that, my aim is to use CitrixCommunity.com to talk about what we are doing and where we are going with Web Interface, how we (or at least I) would like it to evolve, and invite feedback and discussion on those thoughts.  I have an advantage not all product teams in Citrix enjoy, in that WI is not a component where we have deep intellectual property or add super-secret features, so I can talk fairly freely about most of the things we are working on or planning to do.

BTW we will probably create a separate area for WI in due course, but I wanted to start off in the Architects area because some of the ways WI could evolve have far-reaching ramifications on the architecture of Citrix products which go way beyond just the web UI layer people associate with Web Interface.  Even within Citrix, many people think of WI as just “a web page with icons” and are surprised to learn how much WI does and how many things it interacts with in some way.

But that’s a topic best kept for another day.

However I can’t finish without making reference to at least some of the many excellent resources already out there which are good places to learn about WI, where you will find tips on ways to customize it, and even pre-built packages that provide extra functionality which has obviously proved useful to many people.  I won’t be trying to compete with any of these sites, I have to say!

(That reminds me: one of the things I want to talk more about is to explain our reasoning for why we do or don’t include various kinds of functionality which clearly have enduring appeal.  But I’ll save that for another day too; I’d like to get some rest before I’m roasted.)

From Citrix itself there is our official product support forum http://support.citrix.com/forums/cat.jspa?categoryID=3, and developer support forum http://support.citrix.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=106, plus our current very-good-but-then-I’m-biased SDK documentation http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX106665. Curiously, one of the best detail-packed documents on how WI interacts with other Citrix components – and a little-known one I suspect – is the troubleshooting guide for WI http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX106974.  There really is an extraordinary amount of information in there, so have a look if you haven’t seen it.

From the wider community, there is www.brianmadden.com, www.thomaskoetzing.de, www.jaytomlin.com, www.jasonconger.com, and www.dabcc.com to name a few well-known sites; no doubt there are others I just don’t know so well.