A new blog has been created known as the Corner In this blog, Citrix Customers can actually create their own posts and direct the blog topics and discussions – with one another and with other Citrix Community members. Posts to this blog are to be made only by Citrix Customers (any registered user may comment, of course).

The intention of this blog area is to provide customers a way to control their own blog discussions, generating further discussions within the Citrix Community that pertain to important customer needs and interest areas.

A separate Agenda blog is provided for customers to summarize the agenda topics of greatest importance they would like to see discussed by the Citrix Community members.

Please note that this blog area is carefully monitored for abuse. Any blog postings created by non-customers are subject to immediate deletion. To use this blog, a customers needs to be: 1) a registered Citrix Community user, 2) able to identify their company by name. In this way, we able to regulate postings, combat blog spam restrict the use of this blog for its intended and proper use.

Thank you in advance for respecting this arrangement.