Well, after weeks of blogging software installations, evaluations and discussions, we have the Citrix Community blog site operational as of today!

It was actually quite a lot of fun working through all the options. We ended up choosing Community Server, as it has the best balance of multi-user blogging features, security and ease of use. It also clear that it being used today by some very large corporations, so it should scale up for us over time. WordPress MU, the multi-user version of the popular WordPress platform came in a close 2nd (it a very nice platform), with b2Evolution.net bringing up the rear a bunch others from the running along the way).

We decided to require participants to register and join the site (with a valid email address), rather than allowing anonymous postings, based on what we observed about anonymous posts at other sites. Hopefully, this won be too big an inconvenience for everyone.

Many thanks to the team who helped out throughout the whirlwind evaluation and setup processes. I like to extend special thanks to Sam Johnston, who provided with advice and assistance along the way, to Kurt Moody for getting the Community Server installed and operational, and to Dave Asprey for his assistance in evaluating all hosting providers. Finally, thanks to everyone who provided comments, feedback and encouragement along the way.

Incidentally, there a mechanism available for providing comments and feedback on the Citrix Community site itself, to help steer the site development over time. can use the Citrix Community group, on the Citrix Community Site blog, which you can use to post comments with suggestions, feedback, etc.

Now it time for the really fun stuff…

Happy Blogging!


P.S. You may note that Citrix Community blogs syndicates a number of other external blogs (inlc. Jay Tomlin and Citrite.org, for starters), providing a convenient place to view them all aggregated together as one.