What is workplace transformation?

A workplace transformation offers organizations a number of benefits, including increased competitive advantage, lowered costs, improved productivity and enhanced collaboration.

Successful organizations are increasing competitive advantage and lowering costs through a workplace transformation. This approach improves employee engagement, increases productivity, opens hiring of new talent to people in any location and transforms the physical office space into an engaging, collaborative environment. It also lowers business costs by more efficiently using space around actual functional need instead of dedicated spaces that go unused when employees are out of the office.

Workplace transformation occurs when real estate, technology, and human behaviors are leveraged to create fun, flexible, collaborative environments that foster innovation and enable a variety of work styles.

Moving from a physical office or cubicle to a more flexible, open workplace that leverages technology to supports the anywhere, anytime work environment is a shift for many organizations.

Now is the time for teams from the C-level, Human Resources, Information Technology and Facilities groups to all collaborate to create a workspace transformation that benefits the organization.

Workplace Transformation Focuses on Three Areas

There are three areas the organization must address for a workplace transformation: real estate, technology, and people.

Real estate

Move away from assigned seating to open seating where organizational or project teams can sit together.

Provide a variety of environments to give employees the flexibility to choose their work setting.

Decouple the physical space consumption from employee headcount to lower real estate costs.


Implement solutions that will ensure employees have access to all of their data and applications wherever they are.

Provide collaboration tools so that people can work together on projects or have face-to-face meetings regardless of their location.

Support employees’ choice of device to enable them to focus on their objectives.


Conduct trainings to teach employees about how these new and different ways of working will improve their engagement and allow them to be more productive.

Encourage collaboration with peers via meeting rooms and tools.

Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere.

Are you ready for your workplace transformation? Organizations that have transformed their workplace find employees are more productive and happier; it’s easier to hire the best, most qualified candidates for your job openings because location no longer dictates success; and office space utilization will increase by only accommodating those who come into the office on a given day. Workplace transformation results in increased employee engagement and ultimately, competitive advantage for the organization.

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