5 Assumptions for the Cloud Era

With the emergence of cloud computing, the face of service delivery has completely changed.

The consumerization of IT is letting today’s users connect to IT services using an array of devices—from desktops, to tablets, to mobile phones. Pervasive network connectivity, both wired and wireless, is driving anywhere access for mobile and remote workers. Multi-tenant datacenters are more efficient and are powering entirely new business models. Elastic compute architectures are enabling web-like applications that automatically scale in response to fluctuations in demand.

New methods for computing are transforming the IT industry and improving the way people and businesses work. This is the Cloud Era and it is built on a completely different set of assumptions than past generations of IT. In fact, many of the exceptions from the PC Era now represent the norm in the Cloud Era.

The Cloud Era now assumes:

  1. Mobile rather than fixed PC
  2. Personal rather than corporate BYOD
  3. Wireless rather than wired
  4. Cloud rather than on premises
  5. App stores rather than program suites

With the Cloud Era unfolding, traditional computing is becoming obsolete. Instead of ordering and waiting for the latest suite to arrive, you can download an app at the click of a button.