Citrix Due Diligence Package

Make informed security decisions about your technology investment

Visibility is critical when it comes to evaluating the security of your technology investments. The Due Diligence Package (DDP) provides transparency about our policies, practices and controls at Citrix to put your mind at ease.

Download the Due Diligence Package to:

  • Learn about our security posture and related controls.
  • Review the Shared Assessments Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) self-attestation questionnaire
  • Explore evidence to support the security self-attestation questionnaire

The DDP include product-specific and controlled documents that you need an NDA to access:

Standardized Information Gathering questionnaire

Global Security Framework

Incident Response Plan Overview

Disaster Recovery Testing Evidence

Citrix Memorandum of Insurance and Certificate of Insurance

Online NDA

Permissions to access the due diligence packages are based on a signed online NDA. You can sign an online NDA or view system records for a previously signed NDA. Note that after you sign an online NDA, it currently takes 4-6 hours for our back office systems to resynchronize.

When you click on the links below, you will be prompted to login. The page should load immediately if you are already logged in and you have already signed the online NDA referenced above. If you need help with permissions, contact Customer Service.


Additional resources:

Security documentation you may find helpful for your Due Diligence process: