Citrix Suppliers

Citrix’s suppliers and contractors (“Suppliers”) help Citrix deliver services to its customers, provide the software, goods and services that run Citrix’s internal operations, and much more.  It is therefore critical that our Suppliers are aware of the Citrix policies and processes that govern the performance of their contractual obligations to Citrix.  This page is designed to assemble the core Citrix policies and requirements in one, easily-referenced location for our Suppliers.  Any exceptions shall be specified in the ordering document.

Citrix Purchase Order Terms
These terms apply to purchase orders when Citrix and Suppliers engage in smaller dollar-value transactions and may not have a primary agreement in place.

Supplier/Partner Code of Business Conduct
The Code of Conduct sets out Citrix’s compliance expectations for its Suppliers as members of the Citrix community.

Supplier Security Standards
These Standards list the technical and organizational measures and security controls that Suppliers are required to adopt when (a) accessing Citrix or Citrix customer facilities, networks, and/or information systems, or (b) accessing, processing, or storing Citrix confidential information.

Supplier Data Processing Addendum
This Addendum forms part of the Citrix primary agreement or purchase order with Supplier (“Agreement”) and applies to Supplier services that include the processing of personal information. It does not require execution, and applies to all new orders placed under an Agreement on or after June 2, 2022.

Prior version(s):  none

Supplier Travel & Expense Policy
This policy governs the reimbursable travel and expense costs of Supplier personnel that support their required in-scope business activities.