Scale your network as you scale your cloud

Whether through quality of experience or contractual SLAs, your enterprise cloud customers demand the highest levels of performance, availability and security. This not only applies to compute and storage resources, but also to the network. In fact – since the network is the first and last part of your cloud that customer data and applications traverse – it often plays the most crucial role in achieving high levels of service.

Leading cloud service providers drive higher SLAs by using an intelligent, multi-tenant delivery network fabric. This ensures that underlying networking – not just layers two and three, but advanced layer four through seven network services – keeps pace with the rest of the cloud.

The value of a high-quality cloud network extends beyond improved SLAs, improving customer retention and increasing new customer acquisition. The right network solution can also drive new cloud services and associated revenue by enabling hybrid cloud, acceleration, security and other value-added offerings.

Power your cloud with Citrix Cloud Networking

Citrix networking solutions were powering some of the largest and most successful clouds in the world before they were called clouds. Today they support integration with Citrix CloudPlatform and other cloud orchestration and virtualization platforms. Leading cloud service providers use them to seamlessly and cost-effectively scale the network along with compute and storage capacity.

These solutions:

  • Deliver the underlying layer four through seven services to power your cloud and provide availability, load balancing, security, acceleration and offloading.
  • Provide flexible purchase and upgrade options, ensuring the flexibility to meet cloud-scale price points. These include virtual and physical appliances, Pay-As-You-Grow pricing, and single and multi-tenant offerings.
  • Offer service providers superior flexibility, elasticity, multi-tenancy and isolation.
  • Form the foundation for additional value-added offerings and differentiation.

Use Citrix Cloud Networking as the foundation for delivering higher SLAs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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