Capture the private cloud business through seamless integration to your cloud

Ranked as one of the top CIO trends and strategic imperatives for 2012, enterprise adoption of cloud computing services continues to outpace traditional IT services growth. Yet cloud market growth is just beginning. Enterprise IT organizations are expected to shift much larger portions of their budgets to cloud services in 2012 and 2013.

However, enterprises have challenging requirements and most aren't interested in eliminating their existing datacenters. Rather, they want to leverage and protect their existing datacenter investments by integrating public cloud resources with on-premises infrastructure. They expect real service level agreements that are consistently met. They also demand efficiency and economics through self-service interfaces and APIs. As a service provider, your objective is to quickly and cost-effectively build competitive cloud services that meet these needs.

At the same time, you have challenges of your own. Established commodity cloud service providers are already disrupting the industry, threatening existing business models and profitability. However, even with this urgency, it is difficult to find the time and expertise to build your own, differentiated cloud services.

Cloud services for enterprise IT

Citrix has the solutions for you to build, integrate and deliver cloud services to meet the specific requirements of enterprise IT. Citrix Cloud Solutions help you:

  • Build an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud that supports development, testing, disaster recovery, production applications and other scenarios
  • Offer hybrid cloud solutions that span your cloud and your customer's datacenters
  • Provide transparent network connectivity and services that make your cloud a seamless and secure extension of your customer's enterprise datacenter
  • Address data security, privacy and regulatory compliance concerns
  • Deliver cloud services with unique capabilities and differentiation, all with competitive economics

Citrix already powers some of the world's largest and most successful clouds. Capture your share of the market with Citrix Cloud Solutions.