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Empower employees, embrace consumerization and simplify IT with BYOD.

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People demand the freedom to work on the device of their choice. This consumerization is well established in the enterprise and will drive continued transformation of business and IT models in the coming years.  By embracing this trend and adopting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy, organizations can empower people while protecting data and simplifying IT.


Offer Choice

Empower people to choose their own devices to improve productivity, collaboration and mobility.


Protect Information

Protect sensitive information from loss and theft while addressing privacy, compliance and risk management mandates.


Simplify Management

Simplify IT and reduce costs with a comprehensive solution to secure data, apps and devices.

A complete well-architected approach minimizes risk


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Planning and Designing for BYOD Success

To reap the benefits of BYOD while avoiding potential risks, every organization should develop a strategy regarding the use of personal devices for business purposes.

Implementing and Deploying a BYOD Program

To successfully embrace BYOD, organizations need to evaluate the current environment, prepare infrastructure for participation, educate both users and IT on the BYOD model, and develop a plan to properly support BYOD.

Addressing BYOD Security Challenges

Confidential business information should reside on the endpoint only in isolated, encrypted form, and only when absolutely necessary. Organizations should take advantage of multi-layered security with granular policy-based user authentication and access around device ownership, status and/or location.

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