Reimagine Windows app and desktop delivery

With XenDesktop, your business is borderless. Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. With industry-leading XenApp built in,  XenDesktop can deliver full desktops or just apps to any device.

Why Choose XenDesktop

XenDesktop helps solve today's top IT and business challenges

Boost productivity with anywhere access

XenDesktop empowers employees by enabling them to work anywhere, making today’s workforce completely mobile and more productive – bringing thousands of corporate desktops and applications to personal laptops, tablets and smartphones with a high performance experience.

Protect sensitive information

Virtual apps and desktops are centrally managed in the datacenter and accessed from any device, reducing the risk of data loss or intrusion. Access remains secure while intellectual property and sensitive private information stays safe.

Bring your own device—including Windows 10

XenDesktop lets employees securely access corporate-issued apps and desktops straight from their personal devices. This gives them the freedom to use the latest and greatest technology without requiring IT to support new hardware.

Users are adopting Windows 10 at a record rate. XenDesktop can help IT ensure that employees have access to core business apps on their Windows 10 devices. Employees keep the flexibility they want, while IT keeps the supported apps and desktops secure in the data center.

Cost efficient app and desktop management

Use any cloud, public or private, to securely deliver virtual desktops and reduce application management costs by as much as 90%. Deploy desktop image updates with a near 100% success rate through simple, centralized management and on-demand delivery of standard images.

Easy-to-use interface

With XenDesktop, any employee on any device can use Citrix Receiver for instant access to their corporate apps and desktops so they can work from anywhere.

Compare XenDesktop to the competition

XenDesktop is the industry leader in desktop and app virtualization delivering the only complete solution to mobilize Windows apps and desktops for any use case. XenDesktop on the unified FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) platform is the only solution that is FIPS-compliant and Common Criteria Certified to meet the highest security standards of regulated industries.

Switch from VMware to Citrix in less than 15 minutes

XenDesktop addresses worker and business computing needs

For tablets to fulfill their potential, they need to be able to provide the full functionality of Windows apps through touch-screen inputs that yield a satisfying user experience.

Mitigate data security concerns by providing contingent workers access to virtual apps and desktops using  their own laptops, without having to join your network.

Implement a technology solution that shifts processing to the datacenter. Existing PCs can be repurposed as  thin clients to reduce both capital and operating expenses.

Sharing large design files via FTP, email and similar ad hoc methods has become impractical and risky. You must be able to support high-end designers and engineers, while providing cost effective support to 3D data viewers and editors.

Citrix delivers the most proven desktop and app virtualization solution

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“Citrix brings a comprehensive enterprise-class offering to the VDI landscape.”

The Forrester Wave™: Server-Hosted Virtual Desktops (VDI), Q3 2015

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Citrix partners with IT leaders to provide seamless integration with your infrastructure

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