Deliver virtual apps and desktops as mobile services

With XenDesktop, your business is borderless. Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. With industry-leading XenApp built in,  XenDesktop can deliver full desktops or just apps to any device.

What is XenDesktop?

Why XenDesktop? (1:15)


Four reasons to go beyond VMware Horizon with Citrix XenDesktop

Learn how to go beyond the limitations of Horizon with solutions powered by Citrix XenDesktop, including delivering an unmatched user experience, efficient management at scale, and ironclad security with integrated networking.

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Powerful virtual desktop delivery for powerful work

The flexible XenDesktop allows you to choose the right delivery model for the right user at the right time. This reduces costs and extends the benefits of desktop and app virtualization to the most users.

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop with Flexcast (3:03)

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Boost productivity with anywhere access

XenDesktop lets you instantly mobilize five generations worth of Windows apps, making them available on any device, anywhere. HDX technologies allow virtual desktops to render heavy-duty 3D design programs with ease and cut transaction times of traditional client/server applications by as much as 300%. Employees can work remotely without missing a beat.

HDX Goes Mobile (3:21)

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Bring your own device? Absolutely.

Make your business BYOD-capable without compromising security. XenDesktop lets you send secure, IT-approved apps and desktops straight to your employees’ devices. This gives them the freedom to use the latest and greatest technology without requiring IT to support new hardware.


Safeguard work with strong virtual desktop security

Virtual desktops and apps are centrally maintained in the datacenter, which reduces the risk of data loss or intrusion when delivered to any device. Access remains secure while intellectual property and sensitive private information stays safe.

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Cost-efficient and effortless app and desktop management

Use any cloud, public or private, to securely deliver virtual desktops and reduce application management costs by as much as 90%.  Deploy desktop image updates with a near 100% success rate through simple, centralized management and on-demand delivery of standard images.

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XenDesktop Calculator

Save big on PC refresh!
Find out how much you can save with XenDesktop using this online calculator.


Delight users with an easy-to-use interface for seamless virtual desktop access

Citrix Receiver enables employees to easily and securely access applications, desktops and data from any device. Working with your XenDesktop installation, Receiver provides the mobility, convenience and freedom employees want so they can work from anywhere.

Receiver, one client for any device (1:38)

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XenDesktop helps solve today’s top IT and business challenges


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Virtual desktops and apps delivered by Citrix meet today’s business demand for anywhere access.


5 Steps to BYOD Success

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Empower employees, embrace consumerization and simplify IT with BYOD.

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Increase productivity with a flexible workplace.

Develop a seamless business continuity plan.

Citrix partners with IT leaders to provide seamless integration with your infrastructure

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