Deliver virtual apps and desktops as mobile services

With XenDesktop, IT can mobilize the business, while reducing costs by centralizing control and security. Incorporating the full power of XenApp, XenDesktop can deliver full desktops or just apps to any device.

What is XenDesktop?
Why XenDesktop? (1:15)

Four reasons to go beyond VMware Horizon with Citrix XenDesktop

Learn how to go beyond the limitations of Horizon with solutions powered by Citrix XenDesktop, including delivering an unmatched user experience, efficient management at scale, and ironclad security with integrated networking.

Compare XenDesktop with VMware Horizon 6 (with View)

Comprehensive virtual desktop delivery for any use case

XenDesktop simplifies virtual desktop and Windows app delivery to an increasingly mobile workforce. Leverage the elasticity of hybrid clouds and the security of mobile device management.

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop with Flexcast (3:04)

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop with FlexCast technology gives you the flexibility to mobilize Windows apps, refresh desktops cost-effectively, and enable BYO laptops and tablets. It enables enterprise IT to deliver Windows-as-a-Service that’s always on, highly secure and seamlessly mobile. Watch this brief video to see how XenApp and XenDesktop with FlexCast technology gives IT everything they need to meet the needs of today’s modern, complex workforce—one use case at a time.

Remote PC access for secure, direct connections to office PCs (1:37)

Business increasingly must face the issue of providing remote access to enterprise PCs while protecting highly sensitive intellectual property and customer data. Many organizations lock down the corporate network and turn to an SSL VPN solution for remote access, but this approach extends the secured network to unsecured remote devices, increasing risk rather than protecting against it. XenDesktop with Remote PC allows IT to centrally deploy secure remote access to Windows® PCs on a corporate network, giving users fast, high-fidelity remote access to all the corporate apps and data residing on an office PC.

Two-minute overview of Remote PC, a FlexCast delivery technology for providing secure remote access to office-based PCs.

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Increase employee productivity with anywhere access

XenDesktop empowers employees by instantly mobilizing five generations of Windows apps for use on any device, anywhere. Employees become more productive as XenDesktop cuts transaction times of client/server applications by as much as 300% and accelerates product design by as much as 50% through anytime access to 2D and 3D design data.

HDX Goes Mobile (3:22)

See how XenApp and XenDesktop with HDX Mobile overcome the challenges of using Windows applications on mobile devices by optimizing Windows apps for touch-enabled smartphones and tablets.

Simplify IT support of BYO devices

IT can meet the increasing demand for BYO initiatives by delivering apps and desktops as an on-demand service, provisioned in realtime. Executives and employees are given the freedom to use new mobile technology without requiring IT to support the hardware.

Virtual desktop security to protect sensitive information

Centrally secured virtual desktops and apps in the datacenter reduce the risk of data loss or intrusion when delivered to any device. Corporate access remains secure while intellectual property and sensitive private information stays safe.

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Optimize on-demand data sync and sharing with Citrix ShareFile (5:08)

Juliano Maldaner - Principal Architect ShareFile, provides an overview of the follow-me-data service. Juliano highlights key features, Citrix Receiver Integration and the product architecture with demonstrations.

Reduce cost and complexity of app and desktop management

Improve the success rate of desktop image updates to nearly 100% through centralized management and on-demand delivery of standard images. Deploy in the cloud to reduce application management costs by as much as 90%.

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XenDesktop Calculator

Save big on PC refresh!
Find out how much you can save with XenDesktop using this online calculator.

Delight users with an easy-to-use interface for seamless virtual desktop access

Citrix Receiver enables employees to easily and securely access applications, desktops and data from any device. Working with your XenDesktop installation, Receiver provides the mobility, convenience and freedom employees want so they can work from anywhere.

Receiver, one client for any device (1:39)

Citrix Receiver empowers users with the mobility and flexibility they need to stay productive. Working together with XenApp and XenDesktop, Receiver helps protect mission-critical apps, desktops and data from the risks of unsecure networks and rogue devices, while enabling users to work from any device they choose.

XenDesktop helps solve today’s top IT and business challenges


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FlexCast - Slide 09 - BYOD
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Virtual desktops and apps delivered by Citrix meet today’s business demand for anywhere access.


5 Steps to BYOD Success

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5 Steps to BYOD Success - Slide 02
5 Steps to BYOD Success - Slide 03
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Empower employees, embrace consumerization and simplify IT with BYOD.

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Increase productivity with a flexible workplace.

Develop a seamless business continuity plan.

“Citrix is the most strategic partner for virtualization because it provides a one-stop shop. No other vendor has a full-circle suite of virtualization products.”

Mike Thomason
Emory Healthcare

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