What’s New in XenApp 7.6

Deliver virtual Windows apps as mobile services with the best security, user experience and manageability.

Citrix is proud to announce XenApp 7.6, which includes new enhancements in the areas of faster access to virtual apps with higher connection resiliency, improved graphics rendering, and new app-usage reporting and monitoring tools.

For more details on this release, check out this informative 9 part blog series. Below, is a summary of updates.

Instant Access to Apps

Provide users with fast, instant access to mission-critical apps to improve productivity and enhance the user experience.

Expedite user logon with newly improved pre-launch technology, which creates a local-like app launch experience by expediting the cumbersome user logon process.

Instant reconnect with session linger keeps the user session open after the user closes the app, to provide a quick app reconnect or enable the user to open a new app without repeating the logon process.

Fast, secure anonymous access with login bypass enables unauthenticated access to apps that contain their own authentication process and security measures.

Improved connection resiliency with database connection leasing caches the results of successful users’ connections for any number of days set by an admin.

Superior User Experience

XenApp is optimized for improved scalability, intelligent graphics rendering and better integration with mobile devices over any network.

Improved graphics performance by improving image sharpening, enhancing visually lossless compression, and extending DirectX/2D rendering capabilities.

Support for latest USB 3.0 standard devices with automatic drive mapping and redirection provide users plug-n-play capability with the latest web cams, microphones, headsets and others.

Improved Security

Latest XenApp is the only application virtualization solution that is both FIPS Compliant and on the Common Criteria evaluation list, meetng the highest security standards for government agencies and security-minded organizations.


Simplified App Management and Monitoring

New app usage reporting gives admins the ability to better manage published applications including application and user load balancing across servers and licensing consumption tracking on thousands of published apps.


XenApp 7.6 will be available for download at the end of September 2014.

Do-it-yourself or assisted trials available

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