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Enable workflows and enhance collaboration with built-in e-sign – ShareFile Platinum Edition

ShareFile Platinum Edition provides a collaborative workspace where anyone can securely exchange, track, edit and e-sign content without storage limitations. This new product edition is an integrated bundle of ShareFile Enterprise with unlimited cloud storage, plus access to Citrix RightSignature and Citrix ShareConnect in a single offering. 

  • This new edition is ideal for enterprises looking for a single solution that goes beyond addressing mobility needs, as it also supports requirements that drive workflows, such as approval chains and the trend towards enterprise “home drives."
  • It provides a collaborative workspace where anyone can securely exchange, track, edit and e-sign content without storage limitations.
  • This edition extends the customer journey to include data security, BYOD, document workflows, collaboration, and enterprise home drives with unlimited storage.

ShareFile Platinum Edition is sold under a per-user licensing model with an annual subscription only.  Compare ShareFile Enterprise and Platinum Editions.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for stringent data security and compliance

ShareFile now integrates with popular DLP systems: Symantec Data Loss Prevention, McAfee DLP Prevent, Websense TRITON® AP-DATA, RSA Data Loss Prevention and others, for Customer-managed StorageZone deployments to restrict document sharing based on the file’s DLP classification.

Enterprises, especially those in highly-regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, need to be able to control file sharing based on the content inside the files themselves. Through integrations with leading data loss prevention (DLP) systems, ShareFile will classify items based on their content and enforce sharing restrictions based on data categories.

Key benefits include:

  • Leverages customers’ existing DLP systems – no additional costs for customers
  • Files uploaded to ShareFile on-prem are classified by DLP system for data security and compliance
  • IT admins able to view restricted file activity in both their DLP system and ShareFile
  • Once connected, ShareFile restricts actions on files based on the customer’s DLP classification

Example: Employee uploads document containing restricted data (social security number), which violates company policy, the DLP system classifies the document, ShareFile accepts document and then automatically restricts further action to the file.

Customer-managed StorageZones data in Amazon Web Services

ShareFile StorageZones gives IT the flexibility to choose where data is stored.  Customer-managed StorageZones can now be deployed in Amazon Web Services, with full support for data storage in Amazon S3.  This enhanced support enables businesses to benefit from the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining ownership of their own data and encryption keys.
ShareFile continues to strengthen in this area and remains the leading EFSS provider with the most flexible on-prem and hybrid storage options available for customers: customer-managed datacenters, private cloud storage services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, or a combination of both (on-prem and hosted in the cloud).

Increase Data Protection

Restricted StorageZones is an option for customer-managed StorageZones that increases data protection. Files and metadata in a Restricted StorageZone are encrypted with your keys, and access is limited to users in your enterprise.

Office 365 Connectors

Office 365 Connectors enable secure mobile access and editing for documents stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business – get the app now.

The ShareFile Connector for Office 365 allows you to:

  • Reduce data fragmentation and enable a single pane of glass to reach even more document silos
  • Link your ShareFile account to your Office 365 account
  • Access SharePoint Online document libraries from the ShareFile mobile app
  • Access OneDrive for Business files and folders from the ShareFile mobile app
  • Check in and out documents from a SharePoint team folder
  • Edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files using the secure ShareFile document editors 
  • Move content securely from Office 365 to ShareFile

Integrate with Any Enterprise Content Management System

ShareFile StorageZone Connectors establish direct and secure mobile access to data in its original location behind the corporate firewall. Connectors for Microsoft SharePoint and network shares are already used by thousands of companies since launching last year.

ShareFile StorageZone Connectors SDK now makes it possible for organizations to develop connectors to any enterprise content management (ECM) system, expanding the types of data users can access and edit on-the-go via ShareFile.

Maintain Encryption Key Ownership

Customer-managed ShareFile StorageZones in Microsoft Azure allow businesses to benefit from the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining ownership of their own encryption keys – an advantage typically only available on premises.

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