Application Security and Adaptive Access Control

Citrix NetScaler Gateway provides the control to configure the most secure access gateway to data and applications by dynamically adjusting access based on device configuration, location, and identity. Endpoint analysis interrogates connecting client devices to determine their security configuration and checks for anti-virus software, personal firewalls, operating system patch levels, and client-side certificates. NetScaler Gateway can quarantine client devices that do not meet the minimal acceptable criteria—allowing the user to update their device, or adapt the level of access given to clients based on their current access scenario.

To protect organizations from unsafe client devices, adaptive policies will dynamically adjust application-level access within Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop sessions and prevent file transfers, clipboard operations, client printer operations, and other unsafe operations that threaten data security. NetScaler Gateway gives administrators the ability to control what users may access and how they gain that access.

NetScaler Gateway also provides sophisticated options for user authentication including strong authentication with 2-factor methods, smart card support, cascading authentication, and LDAP and RADIUS server integration, allowing organizations to leverage their existing directory service infrastructure.

Strong access control management, application-level policies, user authentication, and encryption of application communications give organizations the control and assurance they need to deliver applications to users regardless of location or device, making NetScaler Gateway a market-leading access control with Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN.

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